The Patient Engagement Ecosystem

Connecting Patients, Family Members and Providers

My Own Med is a fully integrated HIPAA compliant web-based platform dedicated to patient engagement and activation. We know that patient activation is critical for improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Our system provides a secure ecosystem of management and communication tools that provide real time connectivity between patients, their family members and healthcare providers. Three principles form the foundation of our approach:

Commitment to User Experience

At My Own Med, we believe a great user experience is critical to the long-term engagement of patients. We also know that patient activation involves a team consisting of patients, their families, and healthcare professionals, all working together. We understand that each team member has different needs and that every patient is different. So we provide flexible plug and play management and communication tools that they can control and customize in ways that work for them.

My Own Med Stack

  • Database
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Analytics

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